cuteRadio is a user-friendly internet radio player and client for the cuteRadio REST API for Maemo5, MeeGo-Harmattan and Symbian. Features include:

  • Search stations and podcasts and browse by genre, country and language.
  • Access recently played stations.
  • Add stations to your favourites.
  • Create new stations or copy existing stations to your stations.
  • Play a station directly from a URL.
  • Sleep timer.

Use of the cuteRadio REST API requires a cuteRadio account. To create an account, simply choose a username and password and sign in using the ‘Account’ dialog. No personal information is required.

cuteRadio is licensed under version 3 of the GPL. The source code can be found at GitHub.

If you have any questions about cuteRadio, or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to

7 thoughts on “cuteRadio

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  2. cuteFan

    @all readers: This Hero deserves instant donation(s)!

    @Stuart: Thank You for your dedication mate! Would love to see your cross-platform trio/cuteApps, especially cuteTube (a true legend that begs to be seen on Jolla/Harbour & TizenStore/SMG-Z) right on top of this Qt Gallery;

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  6. Tilo

    After installing this version, I cannot search stations any more. I select “Search stations”, enter a search phrase and get the message: “No podcast found”.

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