The latest version of cuteRadio for Symbian is 0.3.3.

If you have any questions about cuteRadio, or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to

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Version 0.3.3 (latest):

Symbian ^3 Anna/Belle

Version 0.3.2:

Symbian ^3 Anna/Belle

Version 0.3.0:

Symbian ^3 Anna/Belle

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    1. marxian Post author

      No problem. :) I’m happy to continue supporting Symbian.

      1. Abhinaba

        When a s60v5 version of cute radio will come?

        1. marxian Post author

          I don’t know how long it will take. I’m working on version 0.2.0 at the moment, so I will not be porting to S60 v5 until after 0.2.0 is released.

  1. Derek

    Great replacement for Internet Radio from Nokia. Thank you Stuart.

  2. Dionysis

    I am glad that few people still support Symbian.

  3. Kynito

    Man, you’re a genius!! I’m from Argentina, the app works perfectly in my N8 with Belle, thanks!

  4. Michael

    Thank you, great job. I couldn’t believe that web radio was shut down. Works great on my PV 808 and my wife’s N8.
    I’m going to buy your soundcloud app to support your work.

    1. marxian Post author

      Thank you for your support. :) Make sure to update MusiKloud (go to Settings -> Update) after purchasing from Nokia Store to get the latest version.

  5. costin

    when i try to install the sis on a nokia 5800 it asks about qtmobility and qt quick components,
    can you please tell me if u know what verision of this software i must have on my phone in order to make cuteradio work?
    many thanks !

    1. marxian Post author


      Only Symbian ^3 Anna/Belle is supported at the moment. I am planning to add support for S60 3rd/5th Edition soon.

      1. homerial

        Please make it happen. I am using the old Internet Radio on my N95 so much, I can’t wait to install cuteRadio now!

        1. exNokiaAsic

          I unfortunately removed Nokia Internet Radio from my N95 on June 8. Re-installed it to find no directory. Would really appreciate a replacement .

          1. marxian Post author

            I am planning to support S60 3rd Edition soon. :)

  6. 'nerd

    Thanks so much for this! And thank you for all the Symbian love. Your apps are just awesome.

  7. huellif

    Very nice app :)
    Keep up your good work!

  8. Ilyas1701

    Hi)Thanks u! =)
    Aaand…some bugs and todos:
    1)Adding stations not working, i tried to add – “cannot add station”, but in Nokia Internet Radio it’s working
    2) Can u make swipe (left or right) to clear current station and stop playing?

    1. marxian Post author


      1) I reproduced this problem. :( Will be fixed in the next release.
      2) I think the best way to implement this is by swiping downwards on the popup. I will consider adding this for the next release.

    1. Ivan

      Long tap on the station name -> add to favorites

  9. 'nerd

    I think the search bar isn’t working.

    1. marxian Post author


      The search bar appears to be working correctly on my devices (N8/701 Belle). Can you explain the problem?

  10. 'nerd

    To add a station to Favorites, look for it in either the directory or in Recent Stations, then tap and hold on it to get the options to add it.

  11. Ivan

    Hi, I notice a bug – sometimes the player repeat a part of what he has most recently played, I hear that during news broadcast, sometimes I can hear some words of the newscaster twice.

    1. marxian Post author


      I have not noticed this problem, but I will keep testing to see if it occurs.

  12. eric

    thanks very much for putting your efforts into the app. one question though: how do i add the running station to favourites? ta

  13. Firefromsaturn

    Hi, thanks for this amazig app i notice a problem in my nokia 808 sometimes when i change of station the phone freeze and i have block the screen and unblock to restore the funtion of the phone.

    Your work its amazing man keep the hard work :D

    1. marxian Post author

      I have noticed this problem once or twice (freezing). The Qt multimedia APIs are a bit buggy in Symbian. I will try to work around this.

  14. Skyfire

    Hi there!
    Here is a problem, the app works only via “Mobile data” and doesn’t via Wi-Fi ( also cuteTube has same issue.
    I tried build this with QtSDK but no luck.

    1. marxian Post author

      cuteRadio should work on any connection, as it uses the currently active internet connection for streaming (by default QtMultimediaKit uses the setting from the Videos application). For cuteTube, because it uses the stock video player, you must set the ‘Videos’ access point to one which your device is connected to, otherwise video streaming will fail. You can set the access point by opening the Settings application and going to Application settings -> Videos.

      1. Tilo

        I confim cuteradio works fine with any kind of connection (wlan-wifi / internet) on my N8.

        I just noticed one minor issue:
        Many times, cuteradio needs some time to respond to user input. These delays are not indicated by a rotating circle icon or any other means. So when Cuteradio (invisibly) is in “working” mode and user (unaware of this) keeps on selecting tasks (e.g. stations), cuteradio will stop responding, and finally only a phone reset will cure this (at least on my N8 device).

  15. Tilo

    Many, many thanks!
    Works fine on my N8 Belle (except the issue mentioned by Ilyas1701 already). Really a very good app!

  16. Happy

    wow.excellent work.thanx.only need a stepcounter app and I Will have my 808 for a very long time.any plans for a step counter app ? youre the best.thanks for supporting symbian

    1. marxian Post author

      I’m happy to continue support Symbian, though I must say I don’t really have time for any new projects at the moment.

  17. Chris

    BIG Thank You from germany for this app!!!!

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  19. Emad Mahdi

    Using version 0.1.2 on Nokia 500 Belle … Adding to favorites is now working … But Audio & Network problems are still the same … Audio is always reset to a low volume with every station change … Network first connection is initiated only when playing a URL that ends with a filename that have an extension.

    1. marxian Post author

      I can’t reproduce those problems on my test devices (N8/701). The audio volume stays the same when I change stations, and I am not having any network connection problems. There may be a problem with the Qt libraries on your device.

      1. Emad Mahdi

        My phone OS version is 5.3 and I have the following QT installed as identified by QtInfo tool … available at

        Qt 4.8.0
        Mobility 1.2.2
        Qt Quick 1.1
        WebKit 534.3

        Please let me know if i need to upgrade the QT ?? … if yes … then which package/component should i upgrade and from where I can download it ?!!! … and is it available in this folder ??

        1. marxian Post author

          Everything seems to be up to date. There could just be some bug in the firmware on the 500. It’s difficult for me to say, because I don’t have that device (only N8 and 701). Perhaps it’s some problem in Belle Refresh (I’m using an older firmware on my N8).

  20. Emad Mahdi

    I know you don’t have enough time … so if you want … I can help in doing the merge of the two databases files … just send me your database file by email and tell me which format you need the final merged database to be … knowing that this database from RadioSure is a text delimited … … so i can use excel or access or any database to merge the two files and then remove the duplicates then save it to your preferred format.

    1. marxian Post author

      I will have a look that database. I may also add an online search feature in future to enable adding/updating stations using an online database. I do not want to switch to a fully online database, because that just risks the same problem faced by Nokia Internet Radio if the service closes.

  21. 'nerd

    Sorry for the late reply, about that search bar thing… When I enter a search term on it, how do I confirm it and start the search? The check button on my N8’s keyboard doesn’t do anything. I’m gonna try it again too, I might just be doing it wrong :)

  22. 'nerd

    Sorry about that, I WAS doing it wrong! I have a long-standing habit of using the alphanumeric keyboard, turns out that was the problem. Switched over to QWERTY and done. Haha, feeling kinda foolish.
    No more real complaints now, for an already great app. Thanks!

    1. marxian Post author

      1. I’m not sure this is worth doing, as it only takes one screen tap to reach your favourite stations.
      2. I will consider adding an option to add a station logo.

  23. kamari

    thanks marxian for this gareat app.can you add bbc south asia radio station on cute world service is not working streaming url is not available.please fix this problem.thank again for your phone is nokia 603.

    1. marxian Post author

      Some of the stations in the database will be out of date. I will try to update the database soon. In the meantime, you can edit the stations inside the application by selecting ‘Edit’ from the context menu. You can also add new stations by pressing the ‘+’ toolbutton in the main screen.

  24. Misha

    Ukrainian radio station checked, half of them did not work. Can help with information on the radio. Which should be corrected.

    1. marxian Post author

      Some of the stations in the database will be out of date. I will try to update the database soon. In the meantime, you can edit the stations inside the application by selecting ‘Edit’ from the context menu.

  25. Thanks

    Thank you so much. Your applications are almost great.

  26. Soby

    Hello. I have a Nokia 5230 and I used the Internet Radio on that but I think you haven’t released a version for that phone. If you have already done so then please highlight it otherwise I would appreciate and I think I speak on everyone’s behalf when I ask you to please develop / port the version to work on 5230 Symbian version. S60 Release 5.

    Thanks in advance in looking into this.

    1. marxian Post author

      I am planning to support S60 5th Edition soon. :)

  27. ulises

    in spanish: Muchas gracias amigo, haz traido felicidad a mis oidos.

  28. Albert Hurrle

    Many, many thanks for your beautiful cuteradio app. I was sad and annoyed when I realized that Nokia has stopped his nice webradio, but cuteradio is a perfect replacement.
    Nevertheless I would like to make some suggestions for further versions:
    – Is it possible to display the title of the song or of the emission? This is transmitted by most radio stations.
    – When I tried to update for version 0.1.2 all favorites were disappeared. They should be maintained after the update process!

    P.S. Version 0.1.2 does not work on my PV 808. No station is playing. I had to return to version 0.1.1 and now all is fine as before.
    Again many thanks for your work for the friends of Symbian.


    1. marxian Post author

      There is a problem retrieving ICY metadata (title, artist etc) using the QtMultimediaKit APIs. The Phonon APIs retrieve all the metadata, but streaming does not work in Symbian (at least in my testing).

      The overwriting of the database with each installation is temporary. It will be changed soon to preserve your favourite stations.

      I can’t reproduce the playback issues in version 0.1.2 (testing on N8 and 701 Belle). There were no major changes to the playback behaviour in version 0.1.2, so it’s a bit odd that playback stopped working on your device.

    2. NEUTRO

      On my PV 808 FP2 version 0.1.2 works fine, have just remove Nokia internet radio app. Thanks Marxian.

  29. matthew

    Hello, i am sorry to have a bug (?) to report in 0.1.2 on Anna:
    Swiping the now playing bar down stops playback and i’m not sure if that is what is supposed to happen or not =o\

  30. matthew

    In v0.1.2, is swiping down the Now Playing bar supposed to stop playback?
    This is what is happening on Anna devices.

    1. marxian Post author

      Yes, I received a complaint about the popup being visible even when playback is stopped. My solution was to allow a choice between simply stopping playback (press stop button) or stop playback and hide the popup.

      1. Klaus

        Thanks for keeping Symbian alive!
        Feature suggestions:
        – Swiping down the popup need not stop playing. Instead, swiping up from the bottom bar (or tapping a button) could bring it back. There is also room in the bottom bar for a stop/resume control (when there is a current station and the popup is not visible).
        – As someone else suggested, an indication that a station is loading would be nice.
        – So would in-app updates :)

        1. marxian Post author

          The popup has been replaced by a toolbutton for version 0.2.0. The other suggestions will also probably be implemented. :)

  31. matthew

    Sorry about the double-post and i just saw the post about the use for the feature so i am retracting the question =oP

  32. Peter

    Thank you , u r life saver . nokia/mico$oft suck big time ;)

  33. NameNick

    Sincere thanks, dude !
    You are my digital hero of the year.
    CuteRadio has saved my awesome (for the mighty audio quality) Nokia 808 from relegation to expensive paperweight.
    Major-ass respect to you.

  34. Dang66

    Yesssss ! Thanks you Marxian. I was so sad since the end of internet radio. Great !

  35. Emad Mahdi

    I read in the forum that you are going to remove your radio stations database from cuteRadio because it is outdated … So may I suggest adding to your cuteRadio an option to download the database from the link that I provided before …

    Please check this url … … and you will see the database download link is offered to public and the database is up-to-date according to RadioSure website … plus i myself downloaded the file in two different days and i compared them … and i can confirm 100% that RadioSure is updating the database.

    1. marxian Post author

      The main reason for removing the local database is that it is slow to query a database with 30,000 entries. Replacing it with another large database does not solve that problem. However, you can add whatever stations you want to the new database. You are free to add stations from the RadioSure database, if you want to do that. You can do it using the ‘Add station’ feature in cuteRadio, or you can do it by copying the database file from the device (it will be located at !:\Private\e71cbb8d\stations\stations.db, where ‘!’ is the installation drive), editing it using a SQLITE editor, and copying it back to the device. The latter option will require read/write access to the Private directory.

    1. marxian Post author

      No credentials are required to access TuneIn stations, though I recommend adding frequently used stations to the local database to reduce the need to access TuneIn (there are request limits). As for TuneIn vs other services, it doesn’t really matter which is best, because I can always add those other services later, to provide more options.

  36. dave

    that app is awesome! Thanks a lot. I’d share to support, but saddly no more nokia users in my network… Cheers from geneva ;)

  37. dario

    hi… when do you think will be Symbian S60 5th Edition cuteradio version ready? maybe into august???
    thanks a lot from me and other 1000 symbian people in italy

    1. marxian Post author

      I don’t know how long it will take, as I have never developed software for S60 5th Edition before. However, I have now finished adding features to cuteRadio for the time being, so the next task will be to port cuteRadio to S60 3rd/5th Edition.

  38. Anas

    Hi Marxian,

    I will be grateful to you If you add support for S60 3rd of Cute Radio because I use Nokia E63 and my current Nokia internet radio has stopped. I have tried your current version of Cute radio Symbian 0.1.2 and 0.1.1 but they are not working on my device. Please add support to S60 3rd of Cute Radio soon

    Thank you

    1. marxian Post author

      I will try to add support for S60 3rd Edition soon. :)

  39. kamari

    hello nokia internet radio service a station was bbc south asia.please give me bbc south asia station’s streaming url.then i add bbc south asia in cute radio.thanks for supporting simbiyan.

    1. marxian Post author

      In version 0.2.1, you can now search for stations using TuneIn. Unfortunately, I didn’t find BBC South Asia there. I think it may have been discontinued. There is BBC World Service.

  40. Dannyd2

    I downloaded the app but,
    My N8 Bell does say : Application is not trusted and may be harmful to your phone.
    After I click “Continue” …. the pop up says : ” Online certificate check fail ” and application never get installed.
    Is this app actually safe anyway? and if it is
    why doesn’t install like other app?
    Thank you

    1. marxian Post author

      The ‘Application is not trusted’ message appears because the application is self-signed. It means that the application is not signed by a trusted authority (Nokia or Symbian Signed). It is no longer possible to have packages signed by Nokia or Symbian Signed, so self-signing is the only option, unless you have a custom firmware that can install unsigned packages.

      I’m not sure about the ‘Online certificate check fail’ message. I have never experienced that, and I’m not even sure why there is a need to perform that check. I’m not an expert on Symbian platform security.

      1. Dannyd2

        Thank you Marxian very much for directing me to the right path.
        I went to my N8 “setting” + “installation” + “installation setting”

        then I changed “online certificate check”

        from ( ) Must be passed
        to (X) On

        and after the warning notices…. the cuteRadio app was installed.
        Very clean and smooth
        Big Thanks

  41. Nokia 6710n 3rd Ed

    I know you said you’re working on it, but let me tell you my story plz…
    Hi, I am Nokia 6710 navigator. When I was made and released (and my bros), I was promised people would buy me like crrraazy. Then 3 people actually bought me, 2 of my bros were returned for the zooming problem and for having weak-to-no GPS signal. I was left alone to be used by my one user, who was happy by my Nokia internet radio. Then Nokia canceled it, what am I supposed to dooooooooooooooooo!! :( omg, omg!!!!!!!

    Please make me a radio and save my microphony a$#

    **Thanks in advance (the user said :D )

  42. Skyfire

    Hi there!

    Version 0.2.1 just awesome! But how about to receive Icecast/Shoutcast metadata ?

    1. marxian Post author

      For some reason, QMediaPlayer does not provide the metadata in Symbian (it works on the other platforms). I’m not sure if it is that the metadata is not retrieved, or just that the methods used to query the metadata do not work.

      1. Skyfire

        Maybe because QMediaPlayer in Symbian don’t send Icy-MetaData:1 header on stream request?

        1. marxian Post author

          The header is set in my code with QNetworkRequest::setRawHeader(). Perhaps the header is not being passed to the native Symbian multimedia backend.

  43. Stan

    Love sleep timer and add URL. Thanks so much Stuart for this app! :)

  44. dansus

    Feature request:

    OPML import and export for podcasts please.

  45. Ruediger

    Well done!
    TuneIn works fine with 808 in Vietnam.
    Thank You very much.

  46. Glen

    This is a great replacement for nokia internet radio will check out any other apps to support you.

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