cuteTube updates

By | June 8, 2014

cuteTube is now updated to version 1.10.1. The main focus of this update is some additional download features, including support for downloading subtitles and multiple connections for each download (download acceleration). Both the MeeGo-Harmattan and Symbian versions can be updated by going to Settings -> Update in cuteTube. The MeeGo-Harmattan version is also available at The Maemo5 version is available from the Extras-Devel repository.

3 thoughts on “cuteTube updates

  1. Ilyas1701

    “Could not detele some videos” error all the time when i want to delete one or more videos from archive
    And some people have reported problems with downloading, i reprosuced this problem with 2 connections per transfer and 3 concurrent transfers

  2. Peter

    For Ilyas1701

    Please, you could be more polite with Marxian, you know, he is doing a pretty good job, and the App works well on my Nokia 808 PV and N8, so, if you want to delete some videos, you should try using X-plore app.

  3. Alexander Ahjolinna

    I really don’t like to ask this all the time, but what is the SailfishOS version status ?


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