MusiKloud is a fully-featured SoundCloud client, that is currently available for Symbian, MeeGo-Harmattan and Maemo5. The features of MusiKloud include:

  • Search, explore, play and download SoundCloud tracks and sets.
  • Access your SoundCloud account, including your dashboard, tracks, sets, favourites, groups and followings.
  • View and follow other SoundCloud users.
  • Share tracks via your SoundCloud connections.
  • Scrobble tracks to
  • Access your previously downloaded tracks and sets in the archive.

If you have any questions about MusiKloud, or would like to provide feedback, please use the comment facility below, or send an email to

6 thoughts on “MusiKloud

  1. maxicep

    Is there any chance to adding proxy section like cutetube’s to the MusiKloud?

    1. tpascoal

      hi, excellent software on symbian3. Could you increase the stream play buffer ? To prevent sound cut while you are surfing and muzikloud is playing music in background. Thank you very much for your work.

      1. marxian Post author

        Thank you for your support. :) As things are, it is not possible to affect the stream buffering, as this is controlled by the Symbian multimedia backend. In future, I may change this to use progressive download.

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